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Self-described "Art-Rock" band Vidal and the Shadowy Figures delivers alternative rock with a synth-funk twist. 
The debut album  "The First Domino" is out on May 22, 2023.  

Musical Vigilantes of the Apocalypse

In the smoldering heartland of Omaha, Nebraska, a musical revolution is underway, masterminded by the audacious multi-instrumentalist, Britt Fiero. Enter the mysterious realm of Vidal and the Shadowy Figures, a band that defies conventions and challenges the very fabric of the establishment.

Founded in 2020, Vidal and the Shadowy Figures swiftly captured the imagination of a fervent following, transcending the ordinary with their daring and creative ventures. Like modern-day warriors, they wield their instruments as weapons. VSF's sonic tapestry weaves an eclectic fusion of art-rock, new-wave, and funk, creating a musical alchemy that defies categorization. Sometimes subtly and other times boldly confronting the shackles of corporate governance, served with a thick slice of reto-future nostalgia.


Unafraid to traverse uncharted territories, VSF has conquered the airwaves and graced the silver screen, their fearless artistry featured in acclaimed films and broadcast programs that dare to question the status quo. With military-grade sonics, their intentions are to shatter the chains of corporate-controlled music, disrupting the very foundations of the industry. "Being independent keeps me honest." Fiero declares.


Vidal and the Shadowy Figures emerge as a beacon of hope in an era of artistic conformity. Embrace their cacophony of truth, let their melodies awaken your senses, and join their crusade. The time for musical rebellion is now, and Vidal and the Shadowy Figures are leading the charge.


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